New BC Tribunal for Strata Property Disputes and Small Claims Matters

Under BC’s new Civil Resolution Tribunal Act, a new dispute resolution and adjudicative body, the Civil Resolution Tribunal, which has authority to hear some strata property disputes and, where the parties agree, small claims matters will begin operations in 2014, according to BC’s Ministry of Justice. The new Civil Resolution Tribunal will provide an alternative […]

Beware of Buying Flood-Damaged Vehicles

Found a great deal on a car?  The Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) warns Canadians to avoid unknowingly purchasing storm-damaged vehicles.  After flooding disasters, such as those that occurred in Alberta and Ontario in 2013,  there are attempts by fraudsters to clean up and resell flood-damaged vehicles. Canadians should be cautious when a deal seems […]

Automobile theft in Canada: how you can help prevent it

According to the Insurance Bureau of Canada, automobile theft costs Canadians every year close to $1-billion, including $542-million for insurers to fix or replace stolen cars, $250 million-in police, health-care and court-system costs and millions more for correctional services. Tips to help stop car theft: Always roll up your car windows, lock the doors and […]

New house insurance program for BC homeowners

We are pleased to announce that Habitat Insurance is now offering a new house insurance program for homes located in British Columbia.  This program offers  comprehensive coverage with generous features and special limits coverages at excellent premiums. Examples of homes recently insured under this program at Habitat Insurance: Building replacement cost of building* Total premium […]

Condo owners and liability for strata losses

Condo owners could be liable to pay for their strata’s insurance water damage deductible, even if they’re not responsible for damages. Strata corporations can legally sue an owner to recover the deductible if the owner is responsible for a loss or damage, even if it is beyond the unit owner’s control.  For example, if a […]

Just because the numbers say you can, doesn’t mean you can afford it!

With interest rates continuing to hold steady at record lows in Canada, many prospective buyers remain confident in purchasing homes and condos.  Today’s guest blogger, mortgage broker Marci Deane, provides some insight into determing the mortgage you can best afford. While most of us have a basic knowledge of our monthly expenditures, others need to explore […]

Hurricane Sandy’s impact on BC insurance rates

Read here about how Hurricane Sandy – and other major weather-related events – may have an impact on BC insurance rates: See Global TV article      

Vancouver / BC strata insurance: successful launch of a new program

Strata Insurance in Vancouver and British Columbia We’re very pleased to report that the a residential strata insurance program now being offered by Habitat Insurance Agencies has had a successful launch. These stratas are now benefiting from the advantage of an insurance program that offers excellent premiums, coverages, and deductibles.  Stratas with some commercial occupancy […]

Rising premiums? Factors that influence insurance rates

Explaining increases in insurance rates and premiums is one of the most common requests from clients to insurance brokers.  There are various factors that influence insurance rates and premiums, some of which can be controlled by the insured person or business, and others that are determined by external factors. Factors that may be controlled by […]

Electrical fires in older homes: taking preventative steps to minimize risk

About 200 electrical fires occur per year in buildings in BC, often causing devastating or total losses for owners and tenants.  These losses typically result in higher home insurance premiums for these individual owners and also indirectly impact insurance rates for all property owners. As buildings age, the risk of fire increases, with a disproportionate […]

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