Condo owners and liability for strata losses

Condo owners could be liable to pay for their strata’s insurance water damage deductible, even if they’re not responsible for damages.

Strata corporations can legally sue an owner to recover the deductible if the owner is responsible for a loss or damage, even if it is beyond the unit owner’s control.  For example, if a pipe bursts from within the walls or your unit or a faulty washing machine connection causes a water leak, the owner could be held accountable.  If an owner’s condo insurance policy does not cover the required limit of coverage they may have to pay out of pocket, and strata building policy deductibles can range from $2,500 to $150,000.

Condominium insurance usually provides limited coverage for strata deductibles, but you can often increase coverage for a small additional premium.

A condo policy covers many other aspects, including:

Unit improvements and betterments

Improvements you have done to your unit are not usually covered under the strata’s insurance policy.  Your condo insurance package would cover the difference for you.  Some examples of improvements include upgrading your carpet to laminate flooring or updating your bathroom fixtures.

Worldwide liability coverage

Your policy can cover you in the event of bodily injury or property damage you cause to a third party.

Replacement cost of personal belongings

This can include anything from high-value jewelry and watches to bicycles and equipment.

Additional living expenses

Your condo policy will cover hotel and/or dining costs while insured repairs are being completed.

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