Available in BC: Earthquake Deductible Buyback Insurance

What is EDB?

Earthquake Deductible Buyback (EDB) insurance is coverage for Earthquake Deductibles. This insurance is now available through Habitat Insurance, for properties located in British Columbia.

How Earthquake Deductible Buyback works:

All policies with earthquake coverage are subject to an earthquake deductible, which is stated as a percentage of the coverage limit. Generally, earthquake deductibles are between 5% and 20%.

For example, a dwelling insured at $500,000 with a 10% earthquake deductible will have a $50,000 earthquake deductible applied to restore/repair the building if a claim is made for earthquake damage.

If a policy holder chooses to have EDB coverage, then the earthquake deductible will be paid by that policy, up to the limit purchased, subject to only a $1,000 deductible.

Frequently asked questions:

1. Does my insured property qualify for EDB coverage?

To qualify, your property must have earthquake coverage on the primary policy.

2. Is the EDB program available for commercial and personal properties?


3. Do all types of properties qualify for coverage e.g. stratas or heritage buildings?

Yes. If you have earthquake coverage on your policy, the EDB product is available.*

4. Does this coverage extend to the strata earthquake deductible for condominium owners?

Yes. The EDB policy will respond to earthquake deductibles charged against individual condo owners.

5. What if I own more than 1 location?

You must purchase 1 EDB contract per location.

6. Rates:

For current rates please check out our Earthquake Insurance page

A policy holder can choose an EDB coverage limit for an amount lower than the total earthquake deductible limit. For example, a policy holder with $70,000 an earthquake deductible in their main policy can choose $50,000 or $100,000 EDB coverage.

7. What is the deductible in an EDB policy?


If you have any questions about Earthquake Deductible Buyback insurance or would like to purchase an EDB policy, please contact us:

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