Tenants insurance: just a few questions away!

New to town and just moved into a new place?

Or have you been renting a while and have never thought about insurance until now?

Insurance for a renter is vital. It provides coverage for:

  • Your personal property at your rental location;
  • Your personal property temporarily away from your rental location, for example, the luggage that you take when you’re away on holiday;
  • Your legal liability. This is worldwide coverage. So if you are found to be legally liable for bodily injury or property damage, your policy should respond with coverage for legal defense and/or payment for claims;
  • Additional living expenses. For example, if you are unable to live in your rental home due to a fire or water damage, a tenants insurance policy will provide coverage to enable you to relocate to other accommodation until such time that you can return. Additional costs for food, kennelling pets, etc may also be covered.

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