Tenants insurance: just a few questions away!

New to town and just moved into a new place? Or have you been renting a while and have never thought about insurance until now? Insurance for a renter is vital. It provides coverage for: Your personal property at your rental location; Your personal property temporarily away from your rental location, for example, the luggage […]

Short-term rentals and home insurance: the potential pitfalls

With the advent of websites such as Airbnb and VRBO for short-term rentals, many property owners are taking the opportunity to generate extra income by renting out their homes to visitors. Sounds like a great idea. Unless you are like the unfortunate Calgary couple whose home suffered approximately $150,000 damage last week during a “drug-fueled […]

Tenants’ Insurance: Must-Have Coverage for Responsible Renters

If you rent a condo, apartment, or house, don’t make the mistake that many renters do by not having tenants’ insurance. Often renters don’t worry about getting insurance because they feel that their personal belongings aren’t valuable enough to warrant insuring them. The key point to remember is that tenants’ insurance covers far more than […]

New house insurance program for BC homeowners

We are pleased to announce that Habitat Insurance is now offering a new house insurance program for homes located in British Columbia.  This program offers  comprehensive coverage with generous features and special limits coverages at excellent premiums. Examples of homes recently insured under this program at Habitat Insurance: Building replacement cost of building* Total premium […]

Just because the numbers say you can, doesn’t mean you can afford it!

With interest rates continuing to hold steady at record lows in Canada, many prospective buyers remain confident in purchasing homes and condos.  Today’s guest blogger, mortgage broker Marci Deane, provides some insight into determing the mortgage you can best afford. While most of us have a basic knowledge of our monthly expenditures, others need to explore […]

Electrical fires in older homes: taking preventative steps to minimize risk

About 200 electrical fires occur per year in buildings in BC, often causing devastating or total losses for owners and tenants.  These losses typically result in higher home insurance premiums for these individual owners and also indirectly impact insurance rates for all property owners. As buildings age, the risk of fire increases, with a disproportionate […]

House insurance and marijuana grow ops: BC landlords as the first line of defence

Landlords in British Columbia and insurance companies have had to face the consequences of surging marijuana cultivation in the province in recent years.  As insurance companies minimize their exposure by excluding coverage linked to direct or indirect damage caused by marijuana cultivation, property owners must take defensive measures to protect their homes and properties from […]

Insuring your house: understanding replacement cost

House Insurance Replacement Cost Vancouver One of the areas of house insurance which leads to some confusion for homeowners is insuring to “replacement cost”, which is the industry standard to which all homes must be insured. Let’s start off by explaining what insurance replacement cost for a house is not: A house’s replacement cost is […]

Tips on preventing water damage to your home

With the onset of winter weather in British Columbia, a spike in water damage and sewer back up insurance claims is invariably expected. According to the Insurance Bureau of Canada, “Damage from water damage and sewer back-ups is costly for homeowners, municipalities and insurance companies. In an average year, the Canadian insurance industry pays $1.32 […]

What Every New Home Buyer Should Know When Getting Insurance

House insurance is often one of the last things that buyers consider when they are caught up in the process of finalizing the purchase of a home. And yet, failing to meet insurance requirements is one of the most common ways to delay or fail to close a deal. Buyers of detached homes in particular […]

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