What is boat insurance?

Boat insur­ance, also called marine insur­ance, pro­vides cov­er­age for your own boat, as well as for 3rd party lia­bil­ity claims that may be charged against you for dam­age to prop­erty of oth­ers and/or for injury caused as a result of the oper­a­tion of your boat.

Please note that boat insur­ance is required for any boats moored at most mari­nas or yacht clubs in B.C.

What can I get boat insurance coverage for?

Cov­er­age can be pro­vided for bod­ily injury and prop­erty dam­age to 3rd par­ties, includ­ing other boats and docks, dam­age to the boat itself, includ­ing the hull, sails and machin­ery, as well as the con­tents of the boat and the boat trailer.

Tip:  Poli­cies have dif­fer­ent exclu­sions. Please read pol­icy word­ings care­fully to avoid gaps in cov­er­age.  Com­mon exclu­sions include wear and tear, mold, and fail­ure to repair or main­tain the ves­sel.

What types of information will I need to provide to get a boat insurance quote?

Infor­ma­tion about the boat and motor, includ­ing the year, make, model, length and horse­power.   Infor­ma­tion about your­self and your dri­ving record is also required.

What is the cost of insuring my boat?

As with all types of insur­ance, the cost of the pol­icy will be deter­mined by the type and value of the ves­sel, what it is used for, what cov­er­age is required and many more fac­tors.

Some boats can be added to your home­owner or condo owner insur­ance pol­icy, while oth­ers require a stand-alone pol­icy.  A boat used for plea­sure and a boat used for com­mer­cial pur­poses require dif­fer­ent cov­er­age and there­fore pre­mi­ums will vary.

What is a Marine Survey and do I require one before insuring my boat?

Depend­ing on the age of your ves­sel, you may be required to have a Marine Sur­vey done. While not nec­es­sary in many cases, many cus­tomers choose to have their boat inspected to ensure their safety and plan for future repairs and main­te­nance.

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