We work with top tier bonding companies and expedite fast turnaround service to provide bonds to our clients. We also specialize in assisting clients who are unfamiliar with bonding, helping to guide them through the process.

Types of surety bonds that we offer:

Bid bonds

They guarantee that if a contractor is the lowest bidder for a tender, and is awarded the project, the contract will complete the project as per the bid price. The bid bond also guarantees that a performance bond will be issued.

Performance bonds

They are a typical requirement upon the award of a contract as a commitment to the successful completion and fulfillment of a contract. Performance bonds act as a guarantee, protecting customers from financial loss due contract failing to complete a construction project. Commonly used in the construction business for government projects, performance bonds are also used as guarantees in larger private projects.

Labour and Material bonds

They are normally issued together with performance bonds. Labour and Material bonds specifically gurantee payment for equipment, material, labour, and services, in the event that the contractor does not comply with payment as per the terms of the contract.

*** IMPORTANT NOTE: Before a contractor may purchase a bond, the bonding company will require a credit check to be carried out, of both personal and business financials.

License and Permit Bonds

Canadian government, at all levels (federal, provincial and municipal), may require a license or premit bond before granting you a permit to operate your business.

These bonds act as a guarantee that you and your business will comply with any statute, law, municipal by-law or regulation that applies to your business operation. License and permit bonds also helpt to protect consumers against fraud and possible financial losses.

License bonds help to protect consumers against fraud and possible financial loss.

Examples of types of License and Permit bonds that we offer:

  • Customs & Excise bonds
  • Brewers Excise bonds
  • Spirits and Tobacco Excise bonds
  • Electrical Contractors License bonds
  • Gas Contractors License bonds
  • Surety bonds
  • Travel Agents Bonds
  • Real Estate Agents Bonds
  • Insurance Adjusters Bonds
  • Home Inspectors Bonds
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