What does earthquake insurance cover?

Earthquake insurance covers loss or damage, above the deductible, caused by the tremor or shaking from an earthquake. It does not cover loss or damage caused by landslides, snowslides or other forms of earth movement; Nor does it cover loss or damage caused by tsunamis or tidal waves, even if the tsunami or tidal wave was caused by an earthquake.

If you own a home, the standard earthquake insurance will cover loss or damage to your building and your personal property; although in some cases you can insure just the building only, and exclude the contents. It will also cover any additional living expenses you incur if you’re unable to live in your home while it’s being repaired.

If you own a condo, your strata corporation is responsible for insuring the building itself. However, coverage for personal property and additional living expenses would be the responsibility of the individual unit owners. Condo insurance policies can also be supplemented with optional earthquake insurance. The earthquake coverage may also include coverage for your portion of the strata’s earthquake deductible or assessments made against you because of a shortfall in your condo corporation’s insurance.

If you are a tenant, your rental policy’s earthquake insurance will provide coverage for your personal property and additional living expenses.

Does home insurance cover earthquake damage?

Traditional house insurance policies do not automatically include coverage for loss or damage caused by earthquakes; Earthquake insurance is an optional coverage that can be added to your policy for an additional premium. It is important to note that earthquake insurance has its own limit of insurance and deductible.

How much does earthquake insurance cost?

The cost to add earthquake insurance to your policy is based on the limit of insurance and on the deductible you select. The premium can also be influenced, in some cases, by limiting the coverage and the deductible chosen. The cost will also depend on where, and the type of property, in which you live.

What is the deductible for earthquake damage?

There is a separate deductible for earthquake damage. This deductible tends to be much higher than your standard policy deductible.
Your earthquake deductible is usually shown as a percentage of the limit of insurance. For example, if you have $100,000 of coverage for personal property with a 10% earthquake deductible, you will be responsible for the first $10,000 of damage incurred.

Frequently asked questions:

Won’t the government pay for losses due to an earthquake?

While most provincial governments have Disaster Financial Assistance Programs, these programs only provide support for damage caused by uninsurable disasters. Examples of uninsurable disasters include coastal flooding and groundwater seepage. Damage from an earthquake, on the other hand, is insurable and therefore is not eligible for the program.

Is the Earthquake Deductible Buy-back (EDB) program available for commercial and personal lines properties?


Do all types of properties qualify for coverage e.g. stratas or heritage buildings?

Yes. If you have earthquake coverage on your policy, the EDB product is available.*

Does my insured property qualify for EDB coverage?

To qualify, your property must have earthquake coverage on the primary policy.

Does this coverage extend to the strata earthquake deductible for condominium owners?

Yes. The EDB policy will respond to earthquake deductibles charged against individual condo owners.

What if I own more than 1 location?

You must purchase 1 EDB contract per location.


$50,000 $180 Premium
$100,000 $360 Premium
$200,000 $720 Premium

The insured can choose EDB coverage for an amount lower than total earthquake deductible limit. For example, an insured with $70,000 EQ deductible can choose $50,000 or $100,000 EDB coverage.

Is there any way to lower my earthquake deductible?

At Habitat Insurance, we are able to offer an Earthquake Deductible Buyback (EDB) Coverage, which would cover your portion of the earthquake deductible, up to the limit purchased, subject to only a $1,000 deductible.

What is the deductible on this policy?


If you have any questions or would like to purchase the Earthquake Deductible Buyback coverage, please contact us.

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