Available in BC: Earthquake Deductible Buyback Insurance

What is EDB? Earthquake Deductible Buyback (EDB) insurance is coverage for Earthquake Deductibles. This insurance is now available through Habitat Insurance, for properties located in British Columbia. How Earthquake Deductible Buyback works: All policies with earthquake coverage are subject to an earthquake deductible, which is stated as a percentage of the coverage limit. Generally, earthquake […]

Beware of Buying Flood-Damaged Vehicles

Found a great deal on a car?  The Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) warns Canadians to avoid unknowingly purchasing storm-damaged vehicles.  After flooding disasters, such as those that occurred in Alberta and Ontario in 2013,  there are attempts by fraudsters to clean up and resell flood-damaged vehicles. Canadians should be cautious when a deal seems […]

Hurricane Sandy’s impact on BC insurance rates

Read here about how Hurricane Sandy – and other major weather-related events – may have an impact on BC insurance rates: See Global TV article      

Preparing for disaster: earthquake insurance for your home or business

The images of devastating earthquakes in New Zealand and Japan in 2011 have shocked people worldwide.  Closer to home, many British Columbians have paused to consider the potential damage an earthquake could cause in the region.  And with good reason. According to the Geological Survey of Canada, there is approximately a 10% chance that a […]

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