Automobile theft in Canada: how you can help prevent it

According to the Insurance Bureau of Canada, automobile theft costs Canadians every year close to $1-billion, including $542-million for insurers to fix or replace stolen cars, $250 million-in police, health-care and court-system costs and millions more for correctional services.

Tips to help stop car theft:

  • Always roll up your car windows, lock the doors and take the key with you
  • Keep your vehicle registration certificate and proof of insurance with you at all times.
  • Never leave valuables in full view. Leave them out of the car, or out of sight in the trunk.
  • Don’t leave the keys in the ignition, even while getting gas. Approximately 20% of stolen cars have keys in them.
  • Always park in a well lit and busy area.
  • Protect your car with an IBC-approved engine immobilizer that meets the strict Canadian Standards. However, according to the IBC, it has been proven that the installation of aftermarket remote starting systems (including those installed at new car dealers) can seriously compromise the effectiveness of immobilization systems. You may be trading the complete protection of your car for a convenience. Make sure to ask if they are compatible.
  • Have the parts of your car marked. Parts marking will render your car less attractive to thieves who like to chop up old cars and sell the parts (“chop shops”).
  • Prevent thieves from towing your car; park with your wheels turned sharply and apply the emergency brake.
  • Give only your ignition key to a parking lot attendant. Keep your other keys with you.
  • If you have a garage, use it and lock the door as well as your car doors.

For more information on auto theft in Canada and its impact, visit the IBC.

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