Business insurance: FAQ from business owners in Vancouver & BC

Business insurance is one of the key types of policies offered by Habitat Insurance Agencies.  We receive calls on a daily basis from established business owners and people who are just starting new businesses requesting quotes and information about business insurance coverage.  Below are some of the most frequently asked questions (along with our answers) […]

Cyber and Data Breach Insurance for Businesses: Are you protected?

Heavy reliance on today’s computer and data technology has increased every business’ risk of a data breach or cyber attack. Both have become increasingly frequent and costly. Virtually every business has data on clients, employees, and other which can be stolen, electronically hacked or lost through accidental or inadvertent release. Recently passed federal legislation, Bill […]

Short-term rentals and home insurance: the potential pitfalls

With the advent of websites such as Airbnb and VRBO for short-term rentals, many property owners are taking the opportunity to generate extra income by renting out their homes to visitors. Sounds like a great idea. Unless you are like the unfortunate Calgary couple whose home suffered approximately $150,000 damage last week during a “drug-fueled […]

Now available in BC: Earthquake Deductible Buyback Insurance

What is it? Earthquake Deductible Buyback (EDB) insurance is coverage for Earthquake Deductibles. This insurance is now available through Habitat Insurance, for properties located in British Columbia. How it works: All policies with earthquake coverage are subject to an earthquake deductible, which is stated as a percentage of the coverage limit. Generally, earthquake deductibles are […]

The challenges of insuring older apartment buildings in BC

We are often asked at Habitat Insurance Agencies to quote on insurance for pre-1960s apartment buildings in British Columbia. During the last few years we have seen significant increases in insurance rates for older buildings, much to the chagrin of building owners or buyers who are looking for competitive quotes. Additionally, fewer companies are willing […]

Vancouver / BC strata insurance: successful launch of a new program

Strata Insurance in Vancouver and British Columbia We’re very pleased to report that the a residential strata insurance program now being offered by Habitat Insurance Agencies has had a successful launch. These stratas are now benefiting from the advantage of an insurance program that offers excellent premiums, coverages, and deductibles.  Stratas with some commercial occupancy […]

Flood insurance in BC: what you need to know

Homes threatened in Fraser Valley & Kamloops As water levels continue to rise on the Fraser River on Thursday, and with more rain predicted for the weekend, communities in the Fraser Valley, Hope, and Kamloops areas brace themselves for potential flooding.  On many homeowners’ minds is the question: “Does my house insurance cover me for […]

Rising premiums? Factors that influence insurance rates

Explaining increases in insurance rates and premiums is one of the most common requests from clients to insurance brokers.  There are various factors that influence insurance rates and premiums, some of which can be controlled by the insured person or business, and others that are determined by external factors. Factors that may be controlled by […]

Counting the cost of riots and vandalism: how insurance can protect you

The images of riots in England and Vancouver during the summer of 2011 still remain fresh on many people’s minds.  Total damage and losses:  approximately $5-million in Vancouver, and a staggering $150-million in the UK.  Here’s how, you, as a business, home, or car owner can mitigate the pain of a loss with appropriate insurance […]

Preparing for disaster: earthquake insurance for your home or business

The images of devastating earthquakes in New Zealand and Japan in 2011 have shocked people worldwide.  Closer to home, many British Columbians have paused to consider the potential damage an earthquake could cause in the region.  And with good reason. According to the Geological Survey of Canada, there is approximately a 10% chance that a […]

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